Installing webmin on RHEL6/CentOS6

Installing and configuring webmin on RHEL6/CentOS6
What is webmin?
You might be wondering what is webmin actually. Webmin is a web interface tool to manage Linux O/S. You might be well aware of commands to work with Linux but how about a graphical tool which will do almost every task for you graphically, only by accessing it through browser. The one who don’t know anything about Linux can also manage it, if webmin is there
Yes webmin can do almost every task for you like, creating user, partitioning, LVM, building servers like SAMBA, NFS, APACHE etc and many others.
It’s one stop solution to manage all your Linux resources graphically, and above all it’s a free source product. That means fully efficient tool with no cost.
Marvelous isn’t it. Let’s see how to install and work with webmin.
Download webmin from its website
Either download it in rpm or tar file. In my case I used rpm, I’ve got it in /opt of my server.
As it is in a rpm format install it using rpm command or yum localinstall command
!!!Voila!!!, you are done, it got installed, browse to your server with port no. 10000 using any browser and login as root.

Now browse around and do any tasks you like.

Enjoy learning, Keep coming back for more.